Republic of Cyprus
Geospatial Information Portal of Cyprus


The mission of Cyprus Geoportal is to be the main point of acquiring information regarding the implementation of INSPIRE Directive in Cyprus, and also to be the main access point for e-services and geospatial data of the central government and semi-government organizations.

Cyprus Geoportal is the official point of connection to INSPIRE website and INSPIRE Geoportal of the European Commission.

The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, based on Law N.43 (I) / 2010, has undertaken the leading coordinating role in implementing the INSPIRE Directive in Cyprus and is chairing the INSPIRE Management Council through the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

The Department of Lands and Surveys, the Department of Information Technology Services and the Department of Environment, have undertaken the leading role in organizing and implementing the directive, through the actions of INSPIRE Management Team in which they participate.

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